Ludo Bites America Season 1 Episode 1 – Watch the season 1 Premiere Now!

Ludo and Krissy – more hot meal, get a couple hot breath of Santa Fe chiles when they head to New Mexico to open its pop-up restaurant, LudoBites.



While not the Wild West is imagined as a child, Ludo finds a close-knit community of gourmet spice love ready to share the rich culinary traditions of the region. Setting up shop in the local favorite, Tecolote Cafe, Ludo and Krissy’s plan to impress Santa Fe with his own take of 5 stars in the classic Southwest. But the owner Tecolote, Katie Adkins, is struggling to fill the shoes of his father in the kitchen, so things start to heat up as Katie’s inexperience threatens to undermine the ambitious menu of Ludo. From food personalities to reserves, all that is hot in America Ludo bites. So watch Ludo Bites America Season 1 Episode 1 and enjoy it thoroughly!

In a major coup, the show has caught three of the best Los Angeles, food trucks – Grill ‘Em All, the cheese and Ludo van trucks. The appearance of Grill ‘Em All, a winning season of Great Race Food Network Food truck is expected to attract

Unless you have drastically changed their booking system, so the frustration of the people. We are encouraged by the mass of email we received this morning Chef Ludo and his wife / business partner, Krissy Lefebvre, who writes: We have worked

Chef Ludo Lefebvre French Omaha woke foodie community in May, when he and his wife stopped here to film an episode of “Ludo bites of America”.


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